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About Me

I'm looking for new opportunities to use my communication superpowers to ease the discord between humans and technology.

I am a front end web developer, technical support engineer, and technical writer who helps customers and users become more successful and productive with software.

How? By digging in to what customers throw at me, resolving issues by thinking outside the box, by listening to the problems encountered by customers and co-workers, working with my team to discover what’s needed, and then applying what I learn from all of it to the work that I do and the things that I create.

My experience building a start-up informs my contributions, because I think hard about our customer's interaction with software on desktop, web, and mobile.

I’ve arrived at this place through my past experience as a senior technical support engineer, as an award winning technical writer, building websites and pages, from customer validation interviews, and from being a human being who thinks apps should be easier to understand and use.

When the confluence of humans and technology creates confusion, discord, and frustration, I’m here to help.